3 of the Most Important Reasons You Need a Manchester Emergency Dentist  


Do you know of an emergency dentist in your area? If you don’t, it’s time to find one soon. Finding an emergency dentist near your home can give you greater peace of mind, as you’ll know exactly who to call when dental emergencies occur.   


More importantly, your regular dentist may also offer emergency services, meaning you’ll feel more comfortable calling them.   


Keep reading to learn three of the top reasons you need to find a Manchester emergency dentist today!  


1. Knocked-Out Tooth

Did you know that once your tooth is knocked-out, you still have a chance of saving it? Unfortunately, many people miss out on this chance because they forget to save their tooth.  


They might also go to the emergency room or urgent care instead of their emergency dentist, where medical professionals may not have the tools necessary to save the tooth.   


Your emergency dentist will be able to quickly help you mitigate the pain and help you save the tooth before it’s too late.   


2. Severe Tooth Pain  

A severe toothache can result from a cavity, abscess, lost filling, broken tooth, and more. Anxious people may avoid going to the dentist even when they’re in pain, believing that the pain might go away on its own. However, this is rarely the case.   


The faster you go to the dentist to address the pain, the quicker you’ll find relief. Your dentist will also help diagnose the source of the pain to save your natural tooth and ensure the pain doesn’t come back.   


3. Swollen Face or Jaw  

You may find that a swollen face or jaw accompanies your pain. This can indicate that you’re suffering from an abscess, a severe infection that can spread to the floor of your mouth. If it’s not addressed soon, oral surgery may be necessary.   


Once you go to the dentist, they’ll carefully drain the abscess so that it doesn’t worsen. They’ll also prescribe oral antibiotics and pain medication.   


Find a Manchester Emergency Dentist Today  


If you’re in pain and not sure if it’s an emergency, don’t hesitate to call your dentist and describe your symptoms. They’ll help you determine when you need to be seen and may also offer advice on how to mitigate mild pain if you’re not experiencing an emergency.   


Your dentist is on your side—you deserve to live a comfortable life free of pain! If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we’d love to meet you.


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