Get Your Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening in Manchester

If you're looking for a brighter smile, look no further than Manchester Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Singh provides teeth whitening in Manchester to help improve the appearance of your smile. There are available options that our cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth to give you the look you've been wanting. After a cleaning, Dr. Singh can whitening your teeth just in time for a special event or just to have a shining, sparkling smile.
The reason patients typically want to brighten their teeth is so they can improve their appearance, becoming newly invigorated to have a shining grin to share with friends and family. As we grow older, our teeth do the same. They come in contact with countless foods, drinks, and habits on a daily basis, causing the surface of our teeth to become darker, duller, and display a yellow tint. Things like drinking coffee, tea, wine, beer, and bad habits like smoking cigarettes and other tobacco use, speed up this process, all while damaging the overall integrity of your teeth. While brushing and flossing your teeth helps maintain a healthy smile, the risk of stains won't be completely eliminated. Thankfully, Dr. Singh is here to help.
Types of Teeth Whitening
There are two available options for teeth whitening in Manchester that Dr. Singh has for his patients. Before diving into what we can do, we want you to know that there are whitening toothpaste options available in-store that can help your cleaning process at home. While they may not specifically "whiten" your teeth, they'll help maintain their current shade if properly used every morning and night. Don't hesitate to ask us the best toothpaste choice for you.
There are also available over-the-counter teeth whitening packets that can be bought in-store. There are many different brands and it can be difficult to decide which is best for you, so we encourage you to visit our office. Everyone's smile is unique and these packages in-store don't cater to your specific dental needs, so you can end up with extremely sensitive teeth and gums or potentially run into other dental problems you may not be aware of until it's too late.
How Manchester Teeth Whitening Works
At Manchester Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Singh provides in-office teeth whitening or a personalized take-home treatment that works best for your smile. Most treatments in office can be completed in a short amount of time, typically within an hour, and you can leave our practice with a whiter, brighter smile. We complete this service by applying a high-concentration peroxide gel on your teeth after they've been protected with a special shield as to not come in contact with your gums or do any damage to your dentin or enamel.
Our take-home option provides patients with a similar kind of gel, but it's not as strong as the one utilized in-office because it isn't being monitored by a professional at the time of application. This teeth whitening kit is usually completed over a longer period of time, so it won't just be a one hour application, but it will brighten your teeth over a few days or weeks, depending on the treatment plan you created with Dr. Singh.
We strongly urge you to visit our office to find the best option for you and how we can help you get the brighter smile you're looking for without having to worry about finding the best product in store or causing any unnecessary damage to your teeth and gums. Call Dr. Singh's office at (603) 622-2425 to schedule a consultation for our Manchester teeth whitening treatment today.