Our Mini Dental Implants in Manchester Allow Patients to Smile Comfortably Again

Mini dental implants are implants with a diameter less than three millimeters. They are thinner than conventional implants and can be referred to as MDI’S, SDI’s (small diameter implants) or NDI’s (narrow body implants). The can be used for a variety of procedures including denture stabilization. Using MDI’s create a lower heal time and also placed using a minimally invasive procedure. A mini dental implant can be placed by drilling a small hole in the gum and securing the implant inside. These implants can serve as anchors for bridges, crowns and dentures.

Mini Dental Implants have been thoroughly researched and have been proven to be able to support complete dentures, removable partial dentures, fixed prostheses and even single tooth replacements. The advantages to this type of implants are the smaller size. Being half the size of a regular implant they do not require as much bone structure. This means they are also less expensive than conventional implants. Mini implants also cause less discomfort as they are only a micro surgery and require less healing time. This means they make it easier and quicker for you to get back to your day to day activities sooner.