Sinus Pressure or Toothache?


Head pain can be some of the worst pain a person can experience. Occasionally, it can be difficult to tell if you have a sinus infection or a situation where you should see an emergency dentist. There are some differences in the pains, though, and the differences are pretty straightforward.


Sinus Pressure


Sinus pressure usually begins in the forehead and behind the ear. It can be accompanied by ear-popping, a running nose, a headache, and occasionally a toothache. This is different from a toothache as the pain usually does not originate from a damaged tooth.




Toothaches differ from sinus infections as they don't begin in the ear or sinuses. A toothache originates directly from the decay of that tooth. This pain does not create from another place; it comes on fast, usually from eating something that breaks the tooth, gradual deterioration, an abscess, or another similar area of origin, generally encouraging a trial to an emergency dentist.


The Difference


The beginning of each illness begins in different places. The sinus infection starts in the top of the head and ears before moving to a toothache. A toothache comes on quickly and usually encourages a trip to an emergency dentist.


There is a significant difference between sinus infections and toothaches. Though sinus infections can result in toothaches, a dentist cannot tend to a sinus infection, so finding out the origin of a toothache is important.