Are Dental Implants Right for You? Tips from our 03013 Dentist

Dr. Singh recommends dental implants for anyone looking to restore their smile. Dental implants look just like natural teeth, and they can completely restore the function of your smile. If you have suffered tooth loss, dental implants may be the right choice for your dental health. Not only do they look amazing, but they can improve your oral health as well. However, not everyone is eligible for dental implants. Keep reading to learn more about what may affect your ability to get dental implants, and find out about some excellent alternative restorative treatments. 
A healthy foundation is essential to achieve before dental implants can be considered for your smile. That means your mouth should be free of any gum disease or dental decay. Some patients experience gum recession, jaw deterioration, and even "floating" teeth after tooth loss. These issues will need to be addressed prior to receiving dental implants. Our 03013 dentist may recommend some procedures before dental implants can be considered a viable option for your smile. Gum grafting is done to repair the gum tissue in order to prepare it for the new implant. Soft tissue is borrowed from another area of the mouth and surgically attached to the area that will be receiving the implant.
After it is healed and any gum disease is treated, you can explore dental implants. Other patients may require bone grafting to heal a jaw that has begun to deteriorate. This is when bone tissue is borrowed from another area of the body and surgically inserted into the jaw. This will encourage natural bone regeneration and can strengthen the foundation so that the jaw will be able to support an implant. If your teeth have shifted since losing some teeth, those teeth may need to be corrected before an implant can be inserted.
A healthy smile is essential to achieve before getting dental implants because your mouth needs to be able to support the new implant. Our 03013 dentist can talk with you about your treatment options so that you can get a healthy smile before dental implants.
Some factors may disqualify you from being able to get dental implants. These conditions include:
-anyone with a history of poor oral hygiene
-oral, head, or neck cancer
-chronic illness, heart disease, diabetes
-some medications
These factors could impact the success of a dental implant, so they may prevent you from being able to receive one. Anything that compromises bone density or gum health could lead to the eventual failing of an implant. Other chronic health conditions can cause a patient to heal slowly, and so an implant may not be ideal for their smile. 
Dr. Singh recommends alternative restorative treatments for anyone who can not receive a dental implant. Dental bridges, crowns, dentures, inlay, onlays, and bonding may also be able to get you closer to your smile goals. There are so many ways to restore a smile, so call our office to schedule your consultation. We can help you determine which would be the best option for you so that you can reach your smile goals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so call our office today to get closer to the smile of your dreams!