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The work done at Manchester Dentistry & Implants is all done for our patients. We want to give you the smile of your dreams, which is why each and every appointment and consultation is to provide you with the care your teeth, gums, and overall oral and dental health deserve.


As your dentist in Manchester NH, Dr. Malvika Singh believes that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service provided at our practice. Take a look at the reviews left below and give our office a call at (603) 622-2425 to learn more about our available services, our office location, or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Singh. We look forward to meeting you!

My wife and I chose Manchester Dentistry and Implants because we preferred a Dental practice that provided comprehensive, full service, so that we wouldn't have to patronize several specialists. We just had our first cleanings/exams are were extremely pleased with Dr. Kaissy and his staff. They were all friendly, very competent and took the time to share their recommendations for our dental care. My wife will be needing an implant and we were happy to see that their prices are very reasonable and we won't have to see another oral surgeon. We look forward to our future dental care with Manchester Dentistry & Implants and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a Dentist.

- Ron Bowman

Great office and great people. Friendly, attentive and prompt. I’d recommend anyone looking for a dentist to give them a call.

- Luc Bessette

Very professional staff. All procedures fully explained. It was as pleasant as any dental procedure can be.

- Louise Lachance

After being a patient of Dr. Mahoney's since 1985, I was sorry to see him retire. Dr. Mahoney informed us that he left us in good hands, and I can attest to that. I highly recommend Dr. Kaissy (and his staff), and I wish Dr. Mahoney well in his retirement.

- Judy L.

Like other reviewers on here, I've been going to this office for 15 or so years and was sad to see Dr Mahoney retire. Every new face I've interacted with has been as friendly and helpful as ever. It's nice to see that they are rennovating & updating the office a bit. They really take their time to explain everything and make you feel comfortable. Kind and genuine people. The new Doc is fast, confident, friendly, efficient. I am happy to continue going here!

- Shaynabic

I visited Manchester Dentistry & Implants for implants, Dr. Al Kaissy was very professional and well knowledgeable, he explained everything to me before starting doing the implants, he took the time to comfort me and made sure I am prepared for such a procedure. One of the best services I have ever had in dental offices. I recommend him for anyone who is looking for teeth implants. Now, I can eat my burgers and have a nice smile in my pictures.

- M. Ali

I went in for two fillings and had a great experience! I was nervous at first, as the only person who had ever worked on my teeth before was Dr. Mahoney and I have some dental anxiety and anxiety about needles. But Dr. Al Kaissy was very gentle and made me feel completely comfortable. He took the time to explain what he found and that I should have fillings done. The fillings went well and they continue to feel great! The staff was all very friendly and helpful. I will definitely continue going here for my dental work!

- William Jameson II

very professional and courteous. Always filling you in on what is going on presently or that will take place later and when. Doc and staff always happy and ready to answer questions. Doc Al Kaissy and his entire staff were great.

- Lester Jones

Great. Just what I expected. 5 Star.

- Pam Bagloe

I was here for my first cleaning since Dr. Mahoney retired. It was a nice, relaxed, and peaceful appointment. Every person at the office is extremely kind, helpful, and upbeat. I haven’t had both hygeinists yet but have heard they do an excellent job and both are very approachable. They are both very gentle and listen to their patients concerns. I had a concern about one of my molars and after taking an X-ray, Dr. Al Kaissy assured me everything looked normal. I will definitely go back for my next cleaning appointment and for any concerns I may have with my teeth. Highly recommend this office!

- O. Mahoney

Excellent attention to patient care from start to finish. Doctor Kaissy and his staff are so welcoming, compassionate and professional. The office is highly organized and the atmosphere just feels right. I have finally found a good dentist.

- Badri Ismaeel

Professional, friendly, thorough and prompt care. The best.

- Carl Waranowski

Very pleased with my experience at Manchester Dentistry & Implants, Dr. Al Kaissy and his staff are very professional, polite and super friendly. I always had anxiety when it comes to dental visit, not this time however. Thank you guys. Keep on the good work :)

- T. James

My boys both had visits this week with Lainey for the first time. Both went very well and Lainey was very patient Dr. AL Kaissy is always welcoming and his staff is usually smiling. When I had a filling fixed in March, he asked how it felt. I said it was ok. He said we want perfect and took the time to ensure it was perfect. We were happy with Dr. Mahoney and the transition has been seamless. We are happy to continue seeing Dr. AL Kaissy.

- Elizabeth Lafontaine

I visited Manchester dentistry and implants for replacing two old crowns. I am impressed with how Dr Kaissy treats his patients and with his qualifications. I felt welcomed and everyone was friendly. Honestly, visiting the dentist is not my favorite thing to do, but Dr Kaissy made it easy on me. I am 100% satisfied and I recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a dentist in this area.
Thanks Dr. Kaissy!

- Mona Sherif

I was a patient of Dr. Mahoney for ten years. Mahoney recently took a well-deserved retirement and handed over his practice to Dr. Al Kaissy.

I loved the treatment I got from Dr. Mahoney over the past decade. Their practice in Manchester is not near where I live and it's a drive to get in. Honestly, I was considering taking this opportunity to change to a dentist a little closer.

One trip to Dr. Al Kaissy convinced me to stay. The new staff and Dr. Al Kaissy are even better. They are younger and tend to use more modern techniques and their care is top notch.

- Baxter Tidwell

I came in because I had to have two teeth extracted today. What I figured would be unpleasant and painful and LONG ended up taking 20 minutes, I felt absolutely nothing, and I actually nearly fell asleep during the procedure! I'll definitely be back, Dr.Al Kaissy was great and quite personable.

- Rose Anna

I was a patient of the now retired Dr. Mahoney for about 30 years. Like most people, I was not sure what to expect when Dr. Kaissy took over the practice. I wondered if I should change to a dentist in my home town as I was getting a new dentist anyway. I met Dr. Kaissy at my regular cleaning a few months ago. He seemed very nice, as did all the staff. It was also nice to see Dr Mahoney's daughter still working there also. I decided I would see if the next visit was as good. Two weeks ago I lost an old larger filling. When I called the office, they made sure to get me in right away. I believe they came in on their day off to do so. The Dr. told me my options. I was unsure what to do, so he put a temporary filling in while I decided if I wanted the tooth pulled. The temporary filling was a painless quick process. The Dr. is an extremely kind man that is very detailed and honest. Since an injury years ago, I have had a very difficult bite to work with for any dentist. Dr Kaissy was extremely helpful. Today I went in for the tooth to be extracted. Dr Kaissy is very caring and he and his staff insure they do everything to make you comfortable in the entire process. They also make sure you are comfortable when you leave and know they are available if there is an issue. On the way out, I scheduled to have two other teeth fixed. For anyone looking for a dentist in the area, I would highly recommend the new Manchester Dentistry & Implants. PS: I never thought I would take the time to do a review. Meet Dr Kaissy and his staff and you will see why. He insures they go above and beyond.

- Brian Carpentier

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.