Affordable Dentures Near Me

Dentures can provide you with a smile restoration at an affordable price. Smile restorations can be quite the financial investment, but dentures can provide a more affordable option for patients. If you require a restoration of more than one tooth, dentures can allow a patient to repair their smile without breaking the bank. Schedule a visit with our dentist to find out if "dentures near me" would be the right choice for you!
Our office offers several different types of dentures to accommodate any oral health need. Conventional full dentures can replace several teeth at once. Implant overdentures can replace some teeth and be held in place by a dental implant. Partial dentures can help to replace some teeth and be removed at a patient's convenience. Dentures can be custom created to meet a patient's exact needs. If you require a restoration of one or several teeth, talk to our dentist Dr. Malvika Singh about dentures. 
Dentures can be a great choice for anyone who may not be eligible for dental implants or who may not want to make the financial investment on implants. Dentures can be a more affordable option depending on your specific dental restoration needs. Some dentures can still be quite the investment if you require a full custom appliance. Everyone's smile is unique, so talk to our dentist near Manchester to get a personalized quote for your smile restoration.
Some patients may not be eligible for certain restorative treatments because their smile may not be able to support an appliance. Dentures are a great choice for anyone who may suffer from conditions like gum disease or a weak jaw. A denture appliance does not require additional procedures like bone or gum grafting. Denture appliances offer patients a more immediate restoration that does not require additional adjustments or repairs. 
Manchester Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers affordable Dentures near Manchester that does not require additional repairs. Denture appliances can also be used as a temporary option while a more advanced model is created. 
Make sure you take great care of your dentures so that they can look great for years. Stay on top of your denture hygiene by cleaning them after eating or soaking them in a denture cleaning solution. Never clean your dentures with a regular toothbrush and follow care instructions as directed by our team. Maintaining the cleanliness and care of your denture appliance will guarantee that they last a lifetime. If your denture has become damaged or if it shows signs of wear, talk to our dentist about having a replacement made. 
Get the smile of your dreams today! To learn more about dentures near me and an affordable smile restoration, call Manchester Family & Cosmetic Dentistry! Call our office at (603) 622-2425 to book your next visit.